Equestrian Trainer

Client Testimonials

Below are just a few testimonials from Amanda's clients.

Pollyanna FitzGerald

"Lessons just keep getting better, looking forward to future lessons and progressing even further. Feel like I can actually become a good rider. Amanda believes in my horse when some do not and that makes a huge difference to me. She is patient, supportive and understanding. I can ask silly questions and not be made to feel stupid for asking. Highly recommend."

Sarah Hordern - Competing at BE 2* and BD Advanced Medium level

Amanda Brewer, British Dressage Accredited Trainer

"Amanda is not only always available for her pupils, but she is hugely supportive, and leaves no stone unturned in order to deliver the best possible performance. For those less experienced she is happy to share her expertise and contacts in all aspects of competition management. Her enthusiasm for her pupil's progress and constructive approach when things are not perfect makes the promised post competition phone call a pleasure. She is totally committed to all her riders and her support on the big day and calm approach to working in can make all the difference when nerves are fraying!"

Claire Randall - Competing at BD Medium level

Amanda Brewer, British Dressage Accredited Trainer

"I have been training with Amanda for over 15 years and would never want to train with anyone else. Amanda has a real feel for identifying the little things which make a big difference and allow you to move forwards and improve. I have never had a lesson where I do not feel I have learnt something and progressed. She is a real natural horsewoman with top class German training to back that up and is as talented at teaching as she is at riding."

Annie Neate - Competing at BD Prelim and Novice

"I have had the privilege of training with Amanda with 2 very different horses and without doubt Amanda has got to the root of our troubles and shown us the way to go forward in her knowledgeable, supportive, and honest teaching style. Amanda's thorough and in depth knowledge can offer you sound advice in all aspects of your riding, your horse's way of going and management which is why I believe she gets such an improvement out of any horse. With enthusiasm and passion that far surpasses any other trainer I have had, Amanda has helped me understand why my horse does what he does and has given me the skills and knowledge that I need to improve. The basics that I have learnt will stay with me forever and benefit not only me but the horses I ride. Thank you Amanda!"

Briony Grose - Competing at BE Intermediate and BD Medium level

Amanda Brewer, British Dressage Accredited Trainer

Amanda has helped me develop as a rider.  Her dedication and keen eye means that she notices every sloppy transition or badly ridden movement - she sees everything and you get away with nothing! Amanda has taught me for many years and during this time she has helped me with several different horses. She combines an exceptional natural ability as a teacher with a deep knowledge and understanding of training horse and rider"

Mary Phillips

Amanda Brewer, British Dressage Accredited Trainer

"Thanks to Amanda's teaching I have gone from a rider that really knew nothing about working a horse correctly to being confident to compete my young cob in dressage. Amanda has always taken the time to explain things to me fully and always been so confident in the abilities of both me and my horse. My horse is now working so nicely, starting to place at competitions and is such a pleasure to ride thanks to Amanda’s teaching. I always look forward to each lesson as I know I will learn so much and take so much away to develop both of us so we can reach our full potential. I only wish I had started training with Amanda much sooner!"

Angela Collins - Competing at BD Novice level

Amanda Brewer, British Dressage Accredited Trainer

"I have known Amanda for many years, and I have a huge admiration for what she does. With my horse, Gary, she has helped me take him from a bent crooked wreck of an animal to a very promising dressage horse. Gary was so badly bent when I bought him that the muscles on one side of his back were 4 inches shorter than the other. It has taken months of patient work, getting him to think forwards, loosening him up, allowing him to use his ability. Along with this Amanda has helped me to improve my riding all the time so I am better equipped to help Gary - a very positive cycle."

Helen White - Competing at Elementary level

"I have a 16.3hh hanoverian that I struggled with for 6 years because he was lazy, lumpy and very spooky at competitions. When I sought advice from my instructor at the time I was simply told I would never be able to ride him as he was 'a man's horse' and that I should sell him. Apart from the fact that I couldn't afford to, I didn't want to! I have now been training with Amanda for 7 months and I just wish I had found her 10 years ago. I now have a horse that I enjoy schooling, he is supple, soft, forwards and happy! He is like a different horse and while I still have lots of work to do it now feels like a learning curve as opposed to horse wrestling!"

Vickie Weston - Competing at BE100 and BD Elementary level

Amanda Brewer, British Dressage Accredited Trainer

"I trained with Amanda 10 years ago and to this day I continue to use her methods in my training. Her strive for perfection at every level has stayed with me and put me in good sted whatever discipline I am riding in, be it eventing, dressage or even hacking. Amanda gave me the tools and the confidence to be successfull which I am so grateful for."

Chloe Ammonds-Nutt - Competing at BE90/100 level

Amanda Brewer, British Dressage Accredited Trainer

"I have recently started to have lessons with Amanda, and I can't believe what a huge difference she has made in such a short space of time (3 lessons). My ex-racer was averaging 3-4 fences down in the showjumping all last season and after training with Amanda we have come out this year at our first event with just 4 showjumping faults! I'm thrilled with the progress and can't wait to see how much better we can get."

Amanda Royal - Competing at BD Medium level

"Amanda is patient, talented, and a huge supporter of her clients. Her horsemanship and wonderful eye for detail make training great fun and very rewarding. Amanda has helped me with a wide range of horses from charming with limited ability to hot, tense, and talented - she always manages to bring the best out in every animal. I like producing happy, balanced atheletes who can succeed in the competitive world of dressage and Amanda has helped me to do this."