Equestrian Writer

Training Tips

Amanda has written several educational articles for a range of local and national equestrian magazines including Ridgeway Rider, Horse & Rider, Your Horse and Dressage magazine which are featured below.

If you like Amanda to contribute a training article to your equestrian publication or web site then please get in touch.

Amanda Brewer spends a month with Olympic Gold Medalist (Chiltern And Thames Rider September/October 2000)

On The Right Track (Your Horse June/July 2001)

Super Serpentines (Your Horse July/August 2001)

About Turn (Your Horse August 2001)

Your Horse Aug/Sept 2001

Ridgeway Rider Nov 2002

Ridgeway Rider Feb 2004

Ridgeway Rider March 2004

Ridgeway Rider December 2010

Transitions Part 2 (Ridgeway Rider January 2011)

Help my horse soften his neck (Your Horse February 2011)

Various equestrian publications have also published articles about or featuring Amanda and some of these are featured below.

Central Horse News April/May 2000

Dressage July 2000

Dressage September 2000

Chiltern Thames Rider Nov/Dec 2005

Horse and Rider December 2009